85. FICC Rally’si Datça’da yapılacaktır

Değerli Kampçı ve Karavancı Dostlar,

85. FICC Rally’si 17-26 Mayıs 2017 tarihleri arasında Datça Aktur tesislerinde yapılacaktır. Aşağıdaki yazıda da belirtildiği üzere FICC üyelerinin ekli formları doldurup, ödemelerini ekte verilen hesap numarasına yaparak Rally’e katılabileceklerdir.

Tüm kampçı ve Karavancı dostlarımızı Datça’da görmeyi umut ediyoruz.

UKKF YK adına,
Erdal Ötügen

Dear Friend,

We would like to invite you and your members to the 85th FICC Rally which will be held during May 17 – 26. 2017 in Datça – Turkey.

Datça is a town located at the intersection of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, South West of Turkey. Datça is a historical civilization center of which the past goes as far as B.C. 2000 ( Knidos ). The famous historian Strabon stated that ‘’If God wishes a man of his creation to have a long life , he would drop him to the peninsula of Datça ‘’. You can find more information about Datça and surroundings on our web site‘’www.85ficcrally2017.com’’ together with the excursions.

We herewith attach the related Rally, Hotel and Excursion booking forms for your members. Participation to the Rally will be through Clubs / Associations or Federations therefore we request you to make the transferance of the total amount of Participant’s fee to our

” Kamp – Tur Account of which

IBAN TR75 0001 0007 6549 7639 4250 04″

after finalizing. We are looking forward seeing you in Datça and have a nice trip.